People that are suffering from addiction will need to find the proper help in order to succeed in getting past the difficulties in moving on to a life that is better. Some people are addicted to alcohol and others are addicted to drugs. Each person will need to determine which will be better for them in regards to AA vs NA help.

AA Stands For Alcoholics Anonymous

AA offers people a place to go and talk about their issues with drinking. This helps many people to overcome the problems that they may incur from drinking too much and being an alcoholic. Since they will be among other people that can relate to what they are going through it provides a strong basis for them to begin the road to recovery.

aa vs na

NA Stands For Narcotics Anonymous

Similar to AA, NA offers people that are addicted to drugs of all kinds the ability to discuss their issues openly and without judgment. Since they will be among other people that are also familiar with their struggles, it provides them with the strength to move on.

A wonderful site that is a great resource for NA is the NA World Resources home site. Among other things, they discuss that there mission is that every addict has the opportunity to hear their message and find the way to a new way of life.

Similarities Of AA And NA

People will use graphic accounts of alcohol and drug use and the problems associated with them during the meetings. Sometimes the information can be difficult to hear and understand. In many cases, tears of healing are a part of each and every meeting. Many people go through their life stories in the meetings and it is all information that is meant to be kept confidential. People are not to discuss what happens in a meeting outside of the meeting at any time. Knowing this, participation in either of the groups is encouraged by the people that are attending them. An individual can disclose as much or as little information as they choose to.


Since it is an individual choice, many people go to both, especially if they have cross-addiction in their life. People will find benefits to listening to others and their struggles and how to go about life without addiction. There are many success stories with both AA and NA.

Some people cannot relate to issues and problems that are discussed because they have never been through them. But they can still benefit from learning and beginning to understand all the trials and tribulations that happen to people that are addicted to all sorts of substances and lifestyles. For purely alcohol users, they are better off with the AA groups but for those are addicted to several different substances, NA will give them a better experience in the long run.

When you are deciding whether AA or NA is better for you, try both to get an idea of what you will be dealing with on a regular basis. In order to benefit from the meetings of AA or NA, you should plan to attend on a regular basis. Either of the support systems can assist you as you move from addiction to a better lifestyle without relying on a substance for relief or comfort.

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