How Aetna Drug Rehab Centers Can Help You

If you are considering drug rehab, then one of your primary concerns is probably how to pay for it. Learn what Aetna drug rehab centers are, the services these centers offer, and how they can help you. After you read this article you will be better informed to make the best decision for yourself or a family member. If you are here for your concern for a loved one, all the better. The more informed you are, the better decisions you will be able to make when it comes to drug rehab.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox or detoxification is the length of time that occurs after a substance abuser quits using an addictive substance. During this period of time, it is not uncommon for the person to experience physical, psychological and emotional symptoms from detoxing. Detoxing from crack can be especially difficult. Here are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Mood Swings
  • Nausea
  • Joint Pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Flu-like Symptoms
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Crying jags
  • Insomnia

That's quite a list and it doesn't sound good. It is one of the reasons professional supervision is recommended. Because these symptoms can last for up to a week, a lot of users choose to enter detox centers so they can be medically supervised. While Aetna is able to cover the cost of these services, the insurance may not cover very fast detox. This is a procedure that is still in the experimental stages.

Is Rehab Covered By Aetna?

The insurance company announced in 2012 that it will begin to cover payments for services related to drug rehab. The company also stated that it would increase coverage for those who are dealing with prescription drug abuse also.

The SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) discovered that the total number of narcotic and opioid drugs that were entering into pharmacies across the United States increased to almost 100 million pills in under a decade.

As a result of this information, Aetna has a partnership with CRC Health Group so that treatment can be offered to those who are dealing with prescription drug addiction. Patients are able to be admitted into any of the five Aetna drug rehab treatment centers. These centers are located in:

  • Texas
  • California
  • South Dakota

Length Of Treatment

Many addicts are concerned with seeking treatment because they worry about what other people will think about them. However, Aetna offers its members confidentiality and support around the clock. The company will even work with you so you are able to find a rehab center easily and quickly.

In addition, any information that you provide the company's representative during your communication is held in the strictest of confidence. The Aetna insurance company will always use discretion when it comes to taking care of the things you need. Another company who has good drug rehab insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Aetna's plan to help combat and stop substance abuse is a combination of the 12-step programs along with individual therapy. The time that a recovering addict stays in the program will be dependent on the coverage that they have. However, no matter how long you stay at the rehab center, you will always feel protected.

One of the things that you want to do before calling the insurance company is to write down a list of questions that you can ask the representative regarding your coverage. Be sure to include questions such as:

  • Is outpatient rehab covered?
  • How many days are included for rehab?
  • Is inpatient rehab covered?
  • Are programs available in your area that will accept your insurance coverage?
  • Is detox covered?

Drug And Alcohol Treatment

There are several options available to you when are seeking treatment. It does not matter what your background is, you are able to check in one of the Aetna-approved centers if you have the insurance and you are willing to meet the requirements of the program.

All of the centers have luxurious amenities so you will not feel as though you are in rehab. Instead, you will feel as though you are at a fancy resort. This means that while you are there, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience, enjoy the hot tub and even go for a swim if you choose to.

What Is The Difference Between Outpatient And Inpatient Treatment?

It is normal to feel confused when you are trying to decide between an outpatient and an inpatient program. Both programs will help you recover from addictions, but you will need to consider your individual needs and strengths when choosing a program. You will also need to consider how you feel about being away from your home for an extended period of time.

With an outpatient program, you will be able to meet with counselors, medical staff and doctors as well as attend therapy before going back home. With an inpatient program, your only focus is to get better so this means you will remain at the facility until your program has been completed.

Aetna drug rehab insurance

We Can Make Sure Your Aetna Drug Rehab Insurance is Accepted

At Rehab Info, it is our privilege to assist those in need get the help that can change their lives. We are confident that we can help you too. If you give us the opportunity, we will work diligently to find an alcohol or drug rehab center that will not only accept your Aetna drug rehab insurance, but will also work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

If you are concerned about how you can afford rehab costs, give us a call. There are more options available than most people realize. We help people get the treatment they need everyday. Aetna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are just a few of the insurance partners we work with.

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