There are a number of insurance companies that cover alcohol and drug rehab costs as part of their health insurance plans. We work with five main companies, but rehab centers around the country work with many other carriers. We recently wrote about how Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna have excellent drug and alcohol policies. Today we are going to discuss The Empire Plan, United Healthcare, and Cigna drug rehab insurance coverage. Bear in mind, all of these companies have drug rehab insurance policies with different coverages.

Is Drug Rehab Covered By Insurance?

Most rehab centers across the nation accept some forms of insurance. In general, most drug rehabilitation insurance plans have deductibles of 20 to 30 per cent. This can range anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 depending on the facility's fees. In addition, most policies have a maximum benefit amount which can sometimes be in the range of $3000 to $5000.

There are also other types of rehab centers that accept medicare and other state funded insurance. We do not work directly with these facilities, but can offer some guidance. Private versus free rehab is a topic for another day. Today, we want to review these three companies and how they can help pay for the addiction treatment people need.

Cigna Drug Rehab Insurance - Cigna drug rehab

Cigna is another behemoth insurance company that offers drug rehab coverage. By the most recent count, they have over 86 million customers in the world. Cigna's mission is to provide affordable healthcare coverage.

Just like Aetna and The Empire Plan, Cigna coverage varies based on one's particular plan. However drug rehab services covered by Cigna can include the following:

Drug rehabilitation
Alcohol rehabilitation
Counseling for addiction services

One feature that is worth mentioning here is their Behavioral Health Department. Cigna offers comprehensive education resources. These tools include articles, podcasts, and education series for both family members and the patients. These tools focus on educating people on the emotional, mental, and physical addiction signs. In addition, recovery advice is discussed.

Cigna Policy Coverages

Cigna offers bronze, gold, and platinum plans. Bronze is the most affordable option but has higher deductibles. Platinum and gold plans cost more but also have lower deductibles and more comprehensive coverages.

The Empire Plan For Drug Rehab - the empire plan

The Empire Plan Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA) Program is another insurance plan provider that covers drug and alcohol rehab expenses. The program is administered by ValueOptions. Network and Non-network coverage are the two benefit levels for services that are covered.

Below is a list of some covered services. You should always make sure the services you need are covered by your specific insurance policy before proceeding. This is also a policy that covers mental health issues. Those covered services are not included here. The coverage list includes but is not limited to:


  • Substance abuse outpatient rehabilitation and aftercare services
  • Alternatives to inpatient care (e.g. certified residential treatment facilities and halfway houses)
  • Management of medications
  • Inpatient rehabilitation and aftercare after hospital discharge for substance abuse treatment
  • Ambulance services

United Healthcare Drug Rehab Insurance

Inpatient rehab coverage from United Healthcare depends on the type of plan you have, and your state of residence. United Healthcare offers individual and family plans. Their short term medical plans may also cover addiction treatment programs.

United Healthcare has one plan called Short Term Medical Value which is the one premium plan that does not cover substance abuse treatment. United Healthcare’s outpatient treatment coverage is a lot like their inpatient treatment benefits, but with a few differences.

With all three of these insurance companies, out of pocket expenses incurred are dependent on the state of one's residence. You should always consult your insurance carrier directly to confirm what your policy covers prior to enrolling into rehab.

How To Pay For Rehab Without Insurance?

This is a valid concern, but it shouldn't keep you from receiving the treatment you need. You can call us here at Rehab Info for assistance anytime day or night.

Let our compassionate counselors find the right facility for you. We can explain to you what your options are for any costs not covered by insurance.