Codeine addiction has become so common that practically everyone knows someone hooked on the popular painkiller. This means most people know someone directly or indirectly who has gone through codeine detox. The rise in codeine use has mirrored the opioid epidemic in the United States, and it has ruined thousands of lives. Codeine is one of the most commonly prescribed painkillers in America. It’s listed as a moderate-strength drug used for pain relief. It can also give users a sense of relaxation and euphoria. The benefits of the drug drive people to take it more and more until they become addicted. Let’s examine the signs and symptoms of addiction and what codeine detox involves.

Signs of Codeine Abuse

Tens of thousands of people are believed to be struggling with codeine abuse. The jump in the number of codeine detox centers underscores the scale of the problem. Typically, people come into contact with codeine after their doctors prescribe the drug to help treat pain. However, some people start to rely on the medicine more than they should. They take it so much their bodies develop a tolerance. This means they have to take more codeine than before to get the same effect. As they take more, their body becomes more reliant on the drug.

It can be hard to spot someone with a codeine addiction because the signs can be subtle. Users can appear sedated or become dizzy. In heavier doses, some people can experience seizures, vomiting, or trouble breathing. One of the clearest signs of codeine addiction is if someone is using it excessively.

How Codeine Detox Can Help

A lot of people think that codeine detox is only needed by people who have serious addictions. In fact, detox can help anyone who is affected by substance abuse. You don’t have to be in dire health to seek out codeine detox. The detox process simply ensures that people come off the drug safely and that they’re set up for long-term success. Therapy, mental and physical health improvement, and other factors help increase the odds people stay clean.

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