Does Insurance Pay For Rehab Costs?

Yes, private health insurance policies can cover drug and alcohol rehab costs. To find out immediately if your policy will cover rehab expenses, call us now at 1-800-492-QUIT. As far as when does insurance pay for rehab expenses, please read on.

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The more specific question to ask would be how much of the rehab costs does insurance cover. The answer to that is it depends on your policy. Full coverage would be ideal, but to know for sure, you need to read your policy. Don't be surprised when you see things that can cause some confusion such as:

  • Detox may not be covered
  • Length of treatment provisions
  • Coverage denial if you have been through rehab before
  • Types of treatment provisions
  • Coverage changes due to addiction types
  • Network physician requirements

All insurance policies have fine print that must be read carefully if you want to get the maximum benefit. Aetna drug rehab insurance is one of the companies that we partner with that has helped many addicts pay for their recovery. However, for many people they just don't want to deal with those complexities at a time like this. Let us take the burdens of how insurance can help pay for rehab off your list of concerns. To learn more about drug rehab insurance coverage, read other articles or call us anytime.

What About Public Insurance?

If you do not have private insurance, there may be other options. Without health insurance coverage at all or if your private insurance plan does not cover drug or alcohol addiction treatment, then public insurance may be available. This can make the cost of rehab much more affordable.

Getting rehab help for an addiction can be very expensive unless you have insurance for drug and alcohol rehab costs. The good news is that there are several options available to have insurance cover the expenses. Whatever you do, do not let the fear of expensive rehab centers keep you from getting the help you need. Affording drug rehab is possible and we are here to help.

If this all seems confusing, give us a call. Our compassionate counselors can answer all of your insurance related questions. To be effective, addiction treatment must be tailored to the individual. We can find the right rehab center for your needs that accepts your insurance. Let us help.