It can be a daunting feeling to know that your loved one is a drug or alcohol addict. Trying to overcome this overwhelming feeling can take a real toll on those who care. If you are a caregiver for an addict, you can find yourself feeling helpless and confused. It's hard to know what to do to get them proper medical and emotional care.

Here is the good news. Help is just a phone call away. Finding a good drug or alcohol rehab center for your loved could be the best gift you could ever give them. Timely and proper care is often the best way to deal with the situation. Here is a guide to answering many of your questions about locating an appropriate rehab facility to fight this life threatening addiction.

Type of Drug or Alcohol Rehab Facility

Depending on the severity of the drug or alcohol addiction, there are two types of rehab centers, inpatient and outpatient. The first task should be to determine which of the two is the best fit for your loved one. As the name suggests, the inpatient facilities are where the patients live on site. There are multiple programs offered to these patients for their overall recovery including, therapy, medical treatment, recreation, psychological analysis, and more. This type of a rehab center is meant for those with severe addiction.

The outpatient rehabs offer similar treatments to patients but without a requirement to stay at the facility. The patients come several times a week for their treatment but usually live at home. This kind of treatment is ideal for those in the initial stages of addiction. The outpatient programs might vary depending on the individual needs, duration of the addiction, and the severity of it.

Services Offered

Another pertinent thing to consider while choosing a facility is the type of addiction treated. For instance, some facilities are specifically for a certain type of addiction. A good example is an alcohol rehab center will only treat patients with alcohol dependency. These are specialized centers with the entire focus on treating patients of that addiction.

However, many facilities also treat co-occurring disorders because it has been seen that most often drug or alcohol addiction has co-occurring mental health problems too such as anxiety, depression, and more. For such patients, it is best to look at rehab centers that can treat both the disorders.

Family Programs

A strong support system is very important for a person suffering from any type of addiction. However, the families must know the correct form of care to offer. Many rehab facilities provide family-based therapy to teach the family members about proper communication and care for their loved ones. This kind of therapy is especially beneficial for young people receiving treatment. So if you have adolescents receiving treatments, you should consider looking for drug or alcohol rehab facilities that have family therapy programs.

Insurance Coverage

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be expensive. For instance, on average, inpatient treatment costs about $3,200 per month while an outpatient treatment goes up to $1,200. Such exorbitant amounts may not be affordable for many people. Thus, before enrolling for a program, it is important to find out if rehab is covered by your insurance company. If you have trouble getting an answer to this by browsing through the center’s website or through the insurance company’s online portal, you may have to check with the facility. You can also call us at Rehab Info too.


While choosing a rehab facility location, it is essential to consider certain factors. If it is an outpatient treatment, is it near a high risk neighborhood? Is it away from places or people that can tempt the patients? If it is an inpatient facility, consider the distance from your home because you will need to have easy access to the center especially if you are undergoing family therapy.

Also, after discharge you will be able to access the alumni support and aftercare resources easily if staying nearby. However, always ensure that the rehab center is located in a place that helps break away from the regular cycle of people and places that might act as triggers for the patient. Choosing an alcohol rehab center near you may not always be the best choice.


For most people the cost of treatment and location are the most important factors while choosing a rehab center. However, what you should also take into account is the quality of service offered. You might pay a hefty sum for a swanky rehab in a high-end neighborhood but if the service quality is poor, it will not serve the purpose.

First, check if the facility is licensed by their state for addiction treatment. Accreditation from a reliable source is a good way to judge this. Keep in mind there are minimum qualifying criteria that the facility will have to offer to get the accreditation. In the US, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), is an independent nonprofit organization and The Joint Commission, the second largest accreditor of addiction treatment programs, are the two organizations that offer accreditation. So look for rehab centers that are certified by these two organizations before shortlisting.

Length of Program

Most treatment programs are between 30-90 days but there are many other options too. Experts suggest going in for a 60-90 day program as anything less than this is not sufficient to deal completely with the addiction and underlying issues. However, the program should be based on an individual case basis rather than following a standard duration. Make sure the facility offers a service of comprehensive evaluation prior to starting treatment.

Aftercare Facilities

Post treatment support and care is as important as the medical treatment itself because with drug and alcohol addiction there are high chances of a relapse. Therefore, try to find a center that provides after care treatment and support. If it isn't offered, then find one that can at least connect you with resources that offer help after discharge. For instance, some treatment centers are associated with sober living homes that offer substance-free housing after treatment. They also help the patient transition smoothly from in-patient care to sober living. Some facilities can also connect you with other people in recovery in your community for sharing and expressing stories.


With so many rehab centers available today, it can get confusing to find the right one for you or your loved one. So consider these guidelines while choosing a drug or alcohol rehab center to help ensure the proper facility is selected. At the end of the day, look for a rehab facility that can provide you or your loved one personalized care to overcome the addiction. As always, one call to us at Rehab Info is the best first step.