The use of drugs and their devastating effects on people are always in the news and it is almost always bad news. When you or someone that you know is struggling with the use and abuse of drugs, then checking into rehab might be the answer for you. Drug rehab in California facilities will be able to assist you with the addiction recovery process and how to overcome it, as well as help you transition into a whole new lifestyle. - drug rehab in California

Drug Use Is Rampant

Drug use is rampant all across the globe. People are using and abusing drugs at a higher rate than ever before. This is why so many people need to get help for their addiction to them. It all depends on the person and whether they are ready to fight their addiction to their drug of choice. If the addict is ready to commit to recovery, then help is available and the chances of sustained sobriety are better. Surprising to many people is that there can be happiness in the treatment process.

The Type Of Drug That You Are Abusing

Since some drugs are harder to overcome than others, you will need to have an understanding about what the drug is doing to your body. For example, a methadone addiction is different than alcoholism. Make sure that you are taking into account any medications that you might be abusing too and not just the illegal drugs. Scores of people become addicted to pain medications that are prescribed to them or regular over the counter medicines. Be sure that you are honest with yourself and your counselors when you are attempting to get the help that you need to overcome addiction problems.

Addiction Is Difficult To Deal With On Your Own

It's difficult for many people to deal with addiction on their own. The intent may be good, but being able to follow through to sobriety presents many difficult obstacles. You are not alone in the need to seek help. At drug and alcohol rehab centers, there will be many other people that have a problem with addiction so you will not be struggling in your efforts all alone. There can be strength in numbers.

Drug Rehabs And What They Are Used For

Inpatient rehab facilities are different than outpatient rehabs in that you actually take up residence there. This allows you to live in a place that will help you go from being addicted to being able to live in the world without needing your drug of choice. This transition is critically important in the recovery process.

During the time that you spend in a drug rehab center, you will learn all kinds of information as well as new tools you can use. You will learn to get along with other people that are all different. Your schedule will be full so you have to learn how to do the most that you can in the time that you have to do it in. But not to worry, you will have enough time to do what needs to be done. These programs are tried and tested. They work if the patients do their part.

Drug Rehab In California Facilities

You will have a lot to do when you are in a drug rehab in California. Since you will be there to begin the process of dealing with your addiction, you need to take it seriously. You will not always like what you are expected to do but there are reasons why you need to do them. Learn as much as you can while you are in there because you will be able to use the techniques for living in the world when you are not using your drug of choice.

Rehab Info - drug rehab in California

We have a substantial directory here at Rehab Info that has contact information for many of the California centers. With over 1100 rehabs listed, you may want to give us a call at 800-492-QUIT to help you or your loved one find the right facility for you. Not all rehab centers are the same and matching you with one that meets your needs is our specialty.

What Can You Bring With You To A Rehab?

When you have found a drug rehab in California that you wish to go to, you will be given a list of things that you are able to take with you. They will provide you with bedding and things like that. This allows you to limit the things that you bring. Carrying your own items is also necessary so having just the essentials that you will need during your stay is the best way to handle it. Here are some of the things that you can usually bring with you to the rehab:

  1. Clothing - You will be permitted to bring a certain amount of clothing with you. Most rehabs have a limit on how many outfits you can bring. Pay attention to the limits that they give to you because if you bring too much, you will not be permitted to use the excess that you have brought with you.
  2. Toiletries - When you go to rehab, you will be allowed to bring your toiletries with you. None of the items can contain alcohol. You will also not be permitted to bring anything that can be used as a weapon and they will check for these types of things.
  3. Books - You will probably want to bring some books that you can read for your spare time while you are in rehab. Crossword puzzles, word searches, and other types of reading are also helpful for your downtime.
  4. Pictures - If pictures or special tokens will give you good memories of the people that you love, you can bring those types of things with you. You may also want to bring some things that you can draw with or writing utensils for when you will have the time to make a craft or something.
  5. Cell Phone - Your cell phone will be kept in a special place while you are in rehab. You won't be able to use it but if you need to bring it with you, you may.

The Five Stages of Recovery

There are five common stages in the recovery process. It starts with Awareness and Acknowledgement that you have a problem. Without accepting you have an addiction that is bad for you, you can not begin to fix it. The second step is called Consideration. This is where you shift your attention from acknowledging the problem to taking some action to resolve it. Phase three is called Exploring Recovery and this is where progress really begins. The addict has the motivation to recover and starts to gain an understanding and takes action towards abstinence and moderation.

Phase four is called Early Recovery and this is when new coping skills and good habits start forming. The final phase of recovery is Active Recovery and Maintenance. This is when addicts are living a new lifestyle and it is both encouraging and empowering. You can learn more about these Five Stages of Recovery by reading the article at

Daily Expectations In Rehab

You will be given a schedule when you are in a drug rehab that you must follow. There will be certain times for eating meals, classes, meetings, and more. You are expected to follow all the rules and regulations while you are staying a rehab. It's to your advantage to get along with other people and to follow the schedule that you are given at all times.

You Will Be Expected To Participate In Group Activities

When you are staying in rehab, you will be required to attend the group activities. Many of these activities will be interesting and some may even be fun. They will all require that the rules be followed while you are attending them so be sure that you are on your best behavior at all times. You are there to learn and recover. You don't want to be a problem while you are attending any of the outings. The outings are for your benefit so make the most of them. Remember you are there to overcome your addiction so the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

There Will Be Times That You Can Have Visitors

It is important that you let the people that you love know that you are safe while you are in rehab. Most rehabs will permit visitors at certain times so that you can see them and know that they are caring for you and offering their support. It's important that you develop a good support system for when you do go back out into the world on your own and you want your loved ones to understand the struggles and the progress that you are going through. So you should communicate periodically to them how it is going.

How Much Does it Cost to Stay in a Drug Rehab?

The price for a drug rehab in California as well as other states will vary for each rehab center. So you will need to discuss this subject with the people at that center. Many facilities will accept insurance coverage for the costs that are needed to keep you in rehab. Be sure that you are honest about your situation and if you need another way to set up funding ask the rehab if they have certain programs that you can enlist in.

Are Rehabs Safe?

In most cases, you will be safe while you are in rehab. There are usually cameras in all common areas to make sure that no problems happen. It's important that you use common sense when you are staying in close proximity to so many other people that have addiction problems. Get along with the other people as best that you can and utilize the help that the rehab offers to you in case you do have a problem while you are staying there.

All Rehabs Have A Grievance Procedure That Can Be Used

If you are not doing well at the rehab, you can file a grievance. It is rare but it can happen. Follow the procedures that the rehab has in place if you run into difficulties with any of the people that are in charge while you are staying there. You may be able to transfer to a different facility in cases like this so use the steps that involved to get the assistance that you need.

How We Can Help You

To find out more information about drug rehabs in California, you will want to give us a call. Have a look around here at and you will find all kinds of specific information that will benefit you when you are searching for the right drug rehab for you. This site was built for people just like you who have questions. We offer quite a bit of information on all sorts of subjects that affect people with addiction. Make use of the site on a regular basis so that you can get the help that you need as soon as possible.

In closing, you should make the best use out of your time while staying in a drug rehab in California or any other location. You will be in a protected area so that you can get stronger to fight addiction when you are back out in the world. Use all that you can learn while you are in drug rehab to gain confidence in yourself once again so that you can get back on with your life and improve it in many ways.

Successful completion of rehab is a wonderful thing. But it is not the end of the recovery process. Sobriety is a life long journey and having a strong support system in place will be needed. Avoiding the bad influences that surrounded you in your darkest days will also be necessary. Just know that we are here to help in whatever capacity that you need.

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