How to Find a Sober Living Home

People who have strong supportive communities have better chances of staying sober than those who have to navigate addiction on their own. For many people who struggle with addiction, sober living homes can provide such a community. Furthermore, because these homes are filled with people who are also recovering from substance abuse, individuals who choose these homes can find a sense of understanding that they may not have otherwise found.

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Sober living homes can help. In one study that took place at Options Recovery Services, abstinence levels improved from 11% to 68% after six months.

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Types of Sober Living Homes

There are a few different types of sober living homes, and they often have similar characteristics to one another. It is a good idea to take a look at what sets these communities apart from one another before making any decisions. The most common sober living homes include:


  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Halfway houses
  • Sober living homes

Rehabilitation centers offer short-term programs that last from 30 to 90 days. These programs include intense structure, various types of therapy, as well as some options for recreation. Rehabs often provide the first step in a person’s drug or alcohol recovery process. Rehab is not a permanent solution but a starting place for lifelong addiction management.


Halfway houses are government-owned properties that house addicted individuals for a short period of time. These homes exist for people who are transitioning out of rehab and need a temporary place to stay while they figure out how to integrate back into society. These programs may have time limits, but not all do. So it is usually only a temporary option. However, these homes have proven to be quite effective for many people as it allows a way to avoid bad influences directly after rehab.


Sober living homes are similar to halfway houses in many ways. Like halfway houses, they often provide a place to stay after rehab. Unlike halfway houses, these are privately owned, so they usually require participants to pay rent. Participants are usually expected to take part in the household chores and agree to certain household rules. Because they are privately owned, there are variations between sober living homes. Though many of these homes are transitional in nature, some sober living homes don’t set time limits on how long participants may stay.

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Should I Seek a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes provide a great option for a lot of people. If any of the following situations sound like you or your loved one, you may be a good candidate for a sober living home. These homes are best for:

  • People who don’t have a steady, supportive community
  • People looking for maintenance treatment
  • People who haven’t had success with other programs
  • People who need more structure in their lives
  • People who went to rehab and need to transition back into daily life


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Who Shouldn’t Seek a Sober Living Home?

For others, sober living houses may not provide the best option for recovery. For example, those who have not detoxed yet should wait before seeking a sober living home. You should wait until your body has rid itself of dangerous substances before you move into one of these homes. Some people will even require medical detox. Furthermore, those who have violent or unpredictable behavior should seek treatment elsewhere to avoid causing harm to those who live in a sober living home.


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How to Find a Sober Living Home

If you think that a sober living home would be a good fit for your recovery, you can start by searching for sober living homes online. Many search engines will default to showing you the closest sober living homes first, which will give you an idea of how far you’ll have to travel to find one of these communities.


You can always use the Internet to begin your search and even to narrow it down a bit, but don’t stop with your online search. Since you’re looking to move in with other people, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll get along well with those other people. If you’ve been to rehab or another treatment program, ask the directors if they can recommend sober living homes that would be a good fit for you. When you’ve narrowed your search, schedule interviews with the directors of the sober living homes that you’re interested in. See if you can also talk to some of the residents.

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