Addiction is a condition that may affect you or someone that you know and care about. Getting help is the first step to combating addiction. No one knows this better than the good folks at the Betty Ford Foundation. Today we want to share information pertaining to Hazelden Betty Ford locations.

In February 2014, Hazelden merged with the Betty Ford Center. These two entities formed the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation which is now headquartered in Minnesota.

Hazelden Mission Statement

Hazelden "helps restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs."

Hazelden Betty Ford Locations

The Hazelden Betty Ford locations are listed here at Rehab Info, as well as other pertinent information that you will want to have about recovery and rehabilitation. Hazelden Betty Ford locations total 17 different sites throughout the USA. Fifteen of these locations are various alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. These facilities are designed to accommodate various needs as well as lifestyles.

Hazelden Locations

Hazelden has drug and alocohol rehab facilities in the following cities and states:

  • Minnesota
  • Center City
  • Chaska
  • Maple Grove
  • Plymouth
  • Saint Paul

  • Oregon
  • Beaverton
  • Newberg
  • Illinois
  • Chicago
  • Florida
  • Naples
  • New York
  • New York City

Since you probably have many questions, you can get them answered quickly and easily by a reputable source. To search for a location near you, go to our easy to use portal we call Find a Rehab Center. - Hazelden Betty Ford Locations

Betty Ford For Rehab

If you feel that attending rehab will benefit you, you need to be prepared that it is a lot of hard to overcome any addiction and rehab will be intense. You will be required to attend the necessary classes to learn about addiction and how to overcome it. Participating in these classes will be mandatory and you will find that there are supportive ways that you will be exposed to that can benefit you.

Costs For Betty Ford

The costs of the stay at a Betty Ford rehab will depend on your length of stay and type of treatment. In most cases, the costs are covered by health insurance. Other payment arrangments may be discussed if health insurance is not available. In any case, being present at all times is something that is mandatory and beneficial. The learning process is unique because it is intensified in a rehab setting. It is not the answer for everyone but it is an option.

Exposure To Meetings

During your stay in Betty Ford, you will get to experience AA and NA meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous provide support groups that you can attend to gain knowledge about addiction and how to beat it. When you are attending meetings, you will need to be mindful of others at all times. Your participation will also be required and you will want to take part in various help that these meetings will offer to you.

Getting The Most From Rehab

Look at it is a learning experience and get the most of it that you can. You want to remember that it is temporary and you are there to help yourself to get over your addiction and move on with your life. You may or may not develop friendships along the way but you will definitely listen to a lot of stories from other people and their problems with addiction.

Insurance coverage for rehab is possible at Hazelden and many other rehab facilities all over the country. Aetna drug rehab insurance and other companies such as The Empire Plan, Cigna, and United Healthcare have rehab coverage in many of their healthcare policies. Feel free to call us and find out what your insurance company may pay towards rehab.

Make your decision to attend Betty Ford based on solid knowledge that you can gather. Make sure it is something that you can commit to and utilize in order to move on with your life after addiction. The hard work that you will do will pay off in many ways in the future.

Let Rehab Info Help

At any time, you can call 800-492-QUIT to get the assistance that you need and be on the road to recovery in a short period of time. The most important thing that needs to be done is making contact in the first place. You will then want to make a commitment to beating the addiction and living a healthier life.