Holistic Drug Detox at Home

To understand holistic home detox, you’ll have to understand the principles of holism. Holism doesn’t just treat the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Holism followers believe that illnesses, including substance use disorders, impact the person as a whole. Therefore, any treatment that doesn’t seek to heal the whole person is an incomplete treatment. Holism also has a strong association with alternative and complementary medicines, or avoiding medication in favor of more “natural” treatments such as herbal supplements.

Most doctors and addiction experts agree that a person should detox in a medical facility if at all possible.

The detox process comes with a host of dangerous side effects. These effects can include seizures, heart attacks, and other potentially fatal events. If you detox with medical supervision, your doctors can prevent such events and deal with them safely if they do occur. However, if medical detox is simply not an option and you would like to take a holistic approach to home detox, the following steps will help you.

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Remember that holistic treatment focuses on the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, you’ll want to address how your addiction has impacted your mind. For example, an addicted person may spend so much time focused on drugs during the day that he or she can’t think about anything else. During detox, cravings will set in, and you’ll start thinking about your drug of choice a lot. Instead of ignoring those thoughts, a holistic approach would have you focus on how you can heal from them. You have a few different ways to go about this process. For instance, you might use any or all of the activities below:

  • Writing in a journal about your experiences.
  • Talking to friends and family members.
  • Reading books about healing from substance abuse.
  • Reading unrelated books when you need a distraction.
  • Researching your therapy options.

Any of these activities will help you start to heal your mind, but they’re not the only options. If other hobbies and interests have helped your mental health in the past, then by all means, explore those options too.


Your body may have experienced some severe effects from the drugs or alcohol, so keep in mind that it may take some time for your body to heal. Many of your withdrawal symptoms will manifest themselves in your body. A few of these body-focused activities may help you deal with those symptoms:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga
  • Baths
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Massage

Generally, just take care of yourself. Be gentle with your body and allow it to take the time that it needs to heal.

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The next part of the holistic approach is paying attention to your spirit. This part comes easiest for those who come from religious or spiritual backgrounds. However, those who come from more secular traditions can still embrace this part of the process by exploring different spiritual beliefs or defining spirituality as being in touch with one’s emotions. Either way, the following practices will help you embrace your healing from a spiritual perspective:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Getting back in touch with your beliefs
  • Reading holy texts
  • Joining a spiritual community

In 2012, 8% of US adults used meditation. 9.5% practiced yoga.


Gather Your Support System

The problem with detoxing at home is that you may have to detox in the same environment in which you became addicted in the first place. You may find yourself in the presence of many different triggers. If you choose to detox from home, make sure that you have a strong network of friends and family who will support you during the process. Ask your friends to check on you regularly. If you can, stay at a friend or family member’s house, or have somebody stay with you.

Who Should Not Detox at Home?

As mentioned above, most experts recommend detoxing under medical supervision. Some drugs have a more dangerous detox process than other drugs. Usually, the more dangerous the drug, the more dangerous the detox process. Many drugs, especially heroin and opioid drugs, require a “tapering off” process rather than an immediate stop. A sudden absence of these drugs can cause an addicted person to experience a heart attack or seizure. Only trained medical professionals can safely administer the tapering off method for detox.

However, even if you undergo medical detox, you can still pursue a holistic path to healing. Even from a detox facility, you can focus on your mind, body, and spirit by employing many of the techniques listed above. For example, you might bring your journal with you to the facility, meditate during your stay, and practice bodily relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises.

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