Costs Vary According to the Rehab Center

The cost of drug rehab treatment is going to be a little different at each recovery center. There are some facilities that cost nothing to the patient and others that can be as high as several thousand dollars per day. There is good news though. No matter what a person's budget allows, there is a treatment center for everyone. Affording rehab in 2019 and beyond may be just a phone call away.

how much does drug rehab cost

Ways To To Get Help With the Bill


Insurance is a very common way of paying for drug rehab. The amount that your insurance company will cover depends on the policy you have and what the company accepts. Here are some of the types of insurance that might cover your care:

  • Private insurance would be part of your health insurance policy.
  • Military insurance often covers things like drug rehab.
  • Medicaid and Medicare if you qualify.
  • State-funded health insurance plans cover costs in certain situations.

Financing Plans are Often Available

Many inpatient rehab facilities offer various financing options for those who do not have other insurance coverage. Although it is still considered debt, think of it as an investment in you. Breaking the addiction can pay you back in so many ways.

Financial Aid

Some rehab centers have options where financial assistance is offered. Financial aid can be a real Godsend for people with little to no resources available. Talking to a rehab center financial services representative at the facility is a good idea to learn more.

So How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

how much does rehab cost

There are many factors to determining what the actual out of pocket cost of rehab is. The type of care needed, how much medical care is required, and amenities are just a few of the things that make this a difficult question to answer. Having said that, let's take a look at some estimates reported by studies and facilities.

Outpatient Detox: ranges from a total of $1000 to $1500. Inpatient rehab centers normally include the cost of detox in the program's total amount. However, detoxing from certain drugs with dangerous side effects do cost more since an additional amount of monitoring is involved.

Inpatient Rehab centers have a price tag of about $6,000 for a 30-day treatment. Although some facilities charge upwards of $20,000 for the same time period. For those requiring two or three months, these numbers are double or triple that amount.

Outpatient Rehab programs are cheaper than inpatient and average around $5,000 for 90 day treatment. Some outpatient programs, such as Hazelden Betty Ford, cost more with $10,000 being the average.

Medications needed will also affect the cost of rehab. If no medication is required for one's treatment, costs are less. On the other hand, some medicines such as methadone for heroin addictions can be as high as $4600 for one year.

Amenities at a rehab can be costly as well. Such extras like massages, swimming pools, tennis courts, and acupuncture are not included in the estimates above and do vary in price. Some of the amenities are reserved for the luxury facilities.

The Cost of Addiction is Always Higher

Rehab may be expensive but the addiction costs are higher when everything is considered. Missing work, changing jobs with gaps in employment, and the actual costs of the drugs or alcohol add up in a hurry. This doesn't even factor in any legal fees or health problems and their associated costs. Let us not forget the cost on relationships and the wonderful life after rehab you could be missing out on.

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