One of the biggest problems that the society is facing for a long time is the battle with drugs and alcohol. The immense number of youngsters fall into the dark phase of life when they choose the path of drugs and alcohol. Choosing it means to ruin your life for no good sake. People who realize it often seek help to get out of it. This is where rehabilitation comes into play.

People suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol can be effectively treated in rehabilitation centers. Various rehab centers are available. But for some people, it might be difficult to afford to pay for rehab. Insurance for drug rehab may be the answer for such people.

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

There are various health insurance companies offering coverage for drug and alcohol addiction. For some, paying for a medication and drug recovery program is the main concern when entering a rehab. Having an insurance plan can make all the difference, regardless of whether it's a public or private insurance.

While there are different ways to pay for addiction treatment, insurance is often the most affordable approach to ease the financial burden. With insurance in place, addicts and their families can instead concentrate on the most important consideration of choosing the right facility for treatment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is one of the most well known medical insurance companies in the United States, with 36 neighborhood and autonomous BCBS organizations covering more than 100 million individuals. BCBS offers recovery protection inclusion for people in each postal district and each state in the United States through autonomously worked Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab organizations and auxiliaries.

How to Choose Health Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

TO make a prudent decision, there are many considerations for choosing an insurance policy for rehab. Although there are many insurance policies that cover drug and alcohol rehab expenses, there are also many that do not. Therefore it is important to choose the right health insurance plan for drug rehab.

Three Types of Insurance Plans

  1. Group insurance plan
  2. Private insurance plan
  3. Public insurance plan

Group insurance plans are those offered to individuals from a specific class. For example, a position of work or a party affiliation are two such examples. For group insurance plans offered through employers, plans are ordinarily offered through a protection transporter and paid by payroll deductions or by the employer.

Private insurance plans are those where an individual looks for freely, regardless of whether through a business, part affiliation, or other associations. While private insurance plans are often more expensive, these plans ordinarily provide the wider coverages.

There are surely some folks who won't be able to get private insurance for any number of reasons including cost or qualifications. In these cases, it may be worth exploring public insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid. These plans are state-or government-financed and have qualification prerequisites, for example, Medicaid and Medicare.


We have just scratched the surface of rehab insurance opportunities. To learn more, please see some of our many other contributions such as this article discussing three other big providers including Cigna, The Empire Plan, and United Healthcare. If you already have insurance and need rehab for yourself or a loved one please call us today at 800-492-7848.