Do IOPs Really Work?

For those with mental health issues such as addiction, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) offer a supportive and relatively convenient way to get help. In some cases, these programs provide a lower-cost alternative to inpatient rehab, which can be expensive. If you’re looking into addiction treatment options and wondering whether an IOP may be right for you, take a look at the information below. Ultimately, the effectiveness of an IOP depends on the person, the addiction, and the attentiveness of the program.

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What Is an IOP?

When choosing a rehab program, you can pick from two major types: inpatient rehab and Intensive Outpatient Programs. If you participate in inpatient rehab, you’ll live at the facility for a period of 30 to 90 days. Your meals and sleeping arrangements will be provided by the facility. You’ll have a highly structured schedule that involves talking to therapists, participating in groups, and recreational activities.

If you choose an IOP, you’ll live and eat at home during your rehabilitation period. During the day, you can go to work or keep up with your regular activities. You’ll go to the rehab facility either in the mornings before working hours or in the evenings after working hours. The IOP will provide a lot of the same therapies that you’d get in an inpatient program. Since these programs are less structured than inpatient programs, they often last much longer.

IOP Benefits

If you participate in an IOP, you’ll notice many benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Less restriction than inpatient rehab
  • The ability to continue working
  • Various types of therapy
  • Education
  • Potential for family participation
  • Lower cost than inpatient rehab

Because of these benefits, IOPs provide an excellent option for those who have a strong support network and a safe home situation. It’s also a great option for those who are transitioning out of inpatient rehab and still want to maintain some level of support as they move back into their day to day lives.

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Who Should Not Use an IOP?

However, even with all of the benefits of IOPs, some people are better suited for inpatient rehab. Those who will need to detox in a medical facility should choose the inpatient option. As the drugs exit your body, you’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Some drugs have a fairly safe withdrawal process. Others, however, cause more severe symptoms and can even lead to medical emergencies. In particular, opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines all come with difficult detox processes. For those who will experience this kind of detox, an inpatient facility that can provide medically assisted detox is the best choice. These facilities can provide comfort and medical treatment while the patient withdraws from the substances.

Aside from detox, you should also consider your home situation before choosing a rehab. Remember that an IOP doesn’t have as much structure as inpatient rehab. If you live in an unsafe home environment, have easy access to drugs, or have little or no support at home, inpatient rehab is your best choice.

IOP Supplementation

While in an IOP, you can also supplement your care with other options. While some IOPs use 12-Step principles to guide their practices, you might also choose to participate in AA, NA, or a similar program to broaden your community and reinforce your support network. This additional group participation will also give you more structure, which is often helpful for people who are overcoming addiction. You might also supplement your treatment with healthy lifestyle changes such as yoga, meditation, and healthy eating. After your IOP ends, we recommend seeking out a counselor for regular therapy sessions. These sessions can help you maintain your sobriety as you transition out of rehab.

Finding the Right Rehab

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