Many American families struggle with someone they love who is addicted to Klonopin. Klonopin treats seizure, anxiety and other conditions. It is highly addictive because it's fast-acting, so those struggling with substance use issues frequently seek Klonopin out. They may feel relaxed and euphoric upon use, or they could be using the drug as a sleep-aid. Because it is so addictive, it’s easy for users to build a rapid physical and mental dependency on the drug. Overcoming Klonopin addiction can be a long road that requires a lot of love, patience and support. Here are some of the signs of addiction and tips on what you can do to help yourself or someone you love.

Signs and Symptoms of Klonopin Addiction

Typical signs and symptoms of excessive Klonopin use include slurred speech, lack of coordination, difficulty remembering things, and severe drowsiness. People who use Klonopin are also at risk of feeling depressed, and can become agitated and aggressive. In more extreme cases, people can experience hallucinations, become violent, and develop nausea and vomiting. The signs may be gradual in the beginning for someone using Klonopin, but build over time as the drug takes more control over the body. Klonopin is particularly dangerous when mixed with other drugs or alcohol. People who have mixed such substances have died or experienced severe health issues.

Treating Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin treatment needs to be individualized to the patient’s particular personality because of underlying trauma. People often seek out drugs to dull some form of pain they may be trying to hide from. However, effective treatment should always include the help of trained medical staff experienced in dealing with addiction. They help manage gradual withdrawal from Klonopin in a safe environment. Likewise, the right drug treatment plan will always include therapy sessions to address underlying issues motivating the drug use.

Overcoming drug addiction is never easy. Relapse is a common occurrence. Patients and their families should try their best to not become discouraged after missteps. Millions of people are prescribed Klonopin each year, so you are not alone. is an online drug addiction resource that can connect you with the appropriate drug treatment center, and can lead you to professionals who can help. They will work to understand your needs and walk you through their recommended treatment plans. Get the help you or your loved one needs today and start the road to recovery.