morphine detox
Image by mcmurryjulie from Pixabay

Morphine addiction catches a lot of people by surprise. As a matter of fact, morphine addiction can start with a legitimate pain condition. Morphine effectively relieves pain after surgery or injury, but it can create an addiction fast. Since morphine is an opioid, it can create dependence quickly. If you’ve developed a morphine addiction, you don’t have to handle it by yourself. Healing from a morphine addiction starts with detox. 

Morphine Risks 

Morphine detox is crucial because this drug comes with a lot of risks. The parts of the brain and body that register pain are closely linked to many of the parts that regulate emotions and energy. That’s why morphine creates a relaxed, euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, that relaxed feeling happens because the brain is essentially slowing down. This is fine in the short term, but in the long run, this can cause health problems and even death. 

Medical Morphine Detox

You know that morphine is dangerous, so why not just quit taking it? Well, as soon as you stop taking morphine, your body starts the detox process. During this process, your body will start getting rid of the morphine in your system. Unfortunately, going through this process by can be dangerous. If your body is used to morphine, suddenly quitting can throw your system into chaos. For example, some people have seizures during the detox process. 

Even without the potential danger, morphine withdrawal can get tough. Withdrawal symptoms include things like nausea, cramping, anxiety, shaking, and more. Many people try to quit morphine only to take more just to get the pain to stop. 

When you’re caught in this pattern, you can feel stuck. Quitting morphine can feel impossible. With medical morphine detox, you can make the process easier. During medical detox, patients generally stay in a detox facility. However, some do detox from home with a doctor’s help. During medical detox, a doctor can prescribe medication that will replace the morphine and have fewer side effects. Then, the doctor will slowly wean you off the medication until you don’t need it anymore. 

How to Start Morphine Detox 

How do you start the morphine detox process? You’ll start by finding the right detox facility. You can choose from a lot of detox facility options, but making the choice doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simplify the choice by calling Rehab Info today. We’ll help you find the facility that will work best for your needs. Just call 800-492-QUIT.