New Jersey is known as the Garden state. With its historic shores and location. there are plenty of manufacturing businesses. Surrounded by New York. Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, there are also a lot of drug and alcohol problems. Curing the drug addiction problem is a complex issue. But the solution usually includes a top New Jersey drug rehab center for proper treatment.

With its easy harbor access, drug traffickers can smuggle their drugs into the country with relative ease. They bring the drugs into New Jersey for many reasons, not the least is the proximity to New York. New York has many drug dealers so New Jersey is a target entry point for the traffickers. The significant amount of drugs available just feeds the end users and creates a greater need for rehab centers.

New Jersey drug rehab center

How Serious is New Jersey's Drug Problem?

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, substance abuse is causing major problems for the entire USA in general and New Jersey in particular. Opioid disorders specifically are on the rise. Many of these opioids are considered dangerous drugs and are obtained through doctor's prescriptions.

Substance Abuse Numbers in New Jersey

The NSDUH survey pointed out that New Jersey residents are struggling with drug abuse and addiction in many ways. Similar to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the NSDUH does extensive work compiling useful information on drug problems. Just look at a sampling of those statistics:

  • Heroin abuse in New Jersey, linked directly to prescription opioid pain medications accounts for 3.87 per cent of adults in the state. This adds up to 265,000 people
  • Illicit substance abuse in New Jersey for people 18 years and older was at 8.26 percent or 566,000 New Jersey residents
  • People 18 years or older in New Jersey reported using cocaine at rates of about 2.06 percent, totaling nearly 141,000 people
  • Nearly one out of four New Jersey residents also reported they were engaging in heavy drinking or "binge" drinking. That equals around 1,700,000 people

Innovative New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Solutions

Fortunately, there are also some very innovative New Jersey drug rehab centers to combat the problem. As a matter of fact, New Jersey is known for having some of the best alcohol and drug rehab facilities in the country.

Rehab Info Database of New Jersey Centers

Here at Rehab Info, we have 298 treatment centers in our database. Complete with addresses and phone numbers, feel free to search and explore facilities near you. Find centers all across the state from Hackensack to Boonton to Marlboro and everywhere in between.

Search Our Database to Find New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Locations

We list whether the center is inpatient or outpatient as well sober homes. No matter which of the many facilities is the right one for you, New Jersey has some very effective centers. Some of these treatment centers are known to be among the best in the United States. As of this writing, there are more than ten thousand patients that have attended rehab in New Jersey.

Don’t Settle for a Rehab Center That Has the One Size For All Approach

Many New Jersey facilities have specialty care programs. They don't put everyone in the same program. Older married or employed people don't get put in with patients in their early twenties with different needs. Trauma survivors can have their own programs in some rehabs as well. With these specialty care programs, leaving rehab and returning to a new and better life is possible.


If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, please call for help. We help those in need in New Jerseay and all over the country find treatment programs. Addiction ruins lives. Don't let it ruin yours.