Which Omaha Rehab Center is Right For You?

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Inpatient Recovery Centers


At an inpatient rehab center, you receive 24-hour care at a residential facility. This type of center is one where you stay there. Once you check in, a treatment plan will be developed by a doctor and it will be tailored just for you. The plan will consist of such things as behavioral and medical therapy.


Those people who stay at these rehab centers often have a better success rate as compared to those patients staying at outpatient facilities. Not surprisingly, these inpatient facilities are going to change your lifestyle more than outpatient centers.


It is common for inpatient rehab centers to be recommended more often for those patients who don’t have a strong support system at home as well as those patients who can afford to take more time off from work. Many times the stay period lasts between four weeks to 6 months.



Outpatient Recovery Centers


For those patients who are not a fit for inpatient facilities, there are also great outpatient recovery centers in the Omaha area. At these centers, patients get treatment during the day and can return to their home at night.


Patients also receive a treatment plan and can still maintain their normal, daily routine.


Outpatient programs in outpatient rehab centers:


  • Day Programs

  • Intensive outpatient programs

  • Continuing care


Also, some Omaha rehab centers have a sober home living programs, where treatment is continued in a healthy and supportive environment.


Sober Living Homes


Sober living homes can be the ideal environment for many people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. It is recommended to consider this type of facility if you are still recovering and need a stronger support system.


Many folks staying at a sober living home have very recently left a rehab center. The objective of sober homes follows the 12-step program as well as joining a support group.

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A landmark study back in 2011 showed how well people who stayed at sober homes were able to adjust to their new lives. The report said the patients saw an improvement in several areas of their lives including alcohol and drug usage decreasing, employment progress, and lowering of psychiatric symptoms.


Omaha Rehab Center Points To Consider


Before you make any decision of this magnitude, there are several things to take into consideration.


  • What is the amount of time you are allowed to take off from your job in addition to your everyday life?

  • Do you need only counseling sessions, or is there a need for around the clock medical and emotional support?

  • What can you afford? Remember that inpatient rehabs like an Omaha recover center and sober living homes usually are more expensive than outpatient facilities. Also, you need to decide whether you want to go to a private or a free center, and there are some stark differences between the two options.

At Rehab Info, we help people make these types of decisions everyday. We do that by listening to you and your needs and then making professional suggestions appropriate for you specifically. Additionally, we can help you figure out how to make your insurance plan work and get the treatment you need today.


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