Percocet addiction affects many people in America. Percocet withdrawal can be difficult. Detoxing without professional help can be extremely challenging. Percocet is made by mixing acetaminophen and oxycodone, and is often prescribed after surgery or injury to treat physical pain.

No alcohol, other narcotics, or sedatives should be used in conjunction with Percocet. Patients who take this drug typically experience a dulling of pain symptoms. Oxycodone triggers a flood of dopamine that creates pleasant or euphoric feelings, thereby making it extremely addictive. Detoxing is a careful process by which individuals can withdraw from regular use safely to avoid negative side effects.

Why Professional Help is Necessary to Detox

Percocet is so addictive that relapse levels are very high. Even well-intentioned people who abuse the drug think they can shake it on their own because they minimalize the issue. Most struggle and continue to spiral down into addiction.

Many people become addicts because they enjoy the medication so much they continue to take it long after resolving their medical issue. They struggle to function without the drug because they've become physically dependent. Long-term Percocet abuse comes with physical challenges.

Attempting to self-detox is difficult because it can induce aches, nausea, tremors, vomiting, insomnia, and a number of other symptoms. Symptoms increase the longer withdrawal goes on, and frequently trigger depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Percocet withdrawal without professional help can be dangerous because the onset of symptoms is often strong enough to drive many to return to regular use. Quitting Percocet cold turkey can even be fatal if the addiction is strong enough. Please seek professional help if you are trying to break the addiction by calling us at 1-800-492-QUIT.

If you are concerned you can't afford rehab, you may be surprised to learn there are several ways to do so. Most rehab facilities accept insurance and self pay installment plans. For example, if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, you may also have drug rehab coverage. Call us today and get your questions answered.

Benefits of Professional Percocet Detox

The help of an addiction counselor and admission into a residential treatment facility are the best hopes for overcoming Percocet addiction. Residents will undergo a supervised detox under the supervision of medical professionals in a safe environment. They’ll be able to monitor patient conditions and avoid any dangerous symptoms.

The first step in effective detox is breaking the physical dependence on the drug because completely recovering from physical symptoms clears the way to beginning to address the disease of drug addiction. Generally, detox includes group and individual therapy that educate patients on coping mechanisms and how to deal with life off the drug.

If you or a loved one is struggling with Percocet addiction, help is out there. Rehab Info is an online resource that helps connect addiction professionals with people in need. We can help with arranging an intervention or suggesting suitable treatment facilities to begin recovery.

Contact us today if you need help detoxing from Percocet or any other drug or alcohol.