Right now, there are a lot of residents of Tampa, Florida, who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. But they don’t have to. There are over 50 registered Tampa rehab centers, and it’s only a matter of choosing the one that works best for you. Read on to discover what many successful people have learned here.

Substance Abuse in Tampa

In 2016, the CDC researched the addiction problem in Tampa. According to their findings, the number of overdose deaths per 100.000 people in Tampa was 23.7%. Moreover, roughly half of those deaths were opioid-related. But it doesn’t stop there. Male and female addicts have also contracted HIV in higher numbers because of injecting drug use or IDU. Other reports claim that 37% of students from grades 9 to 12 tried marijuana at least once. The numbers are similar when it comes to drinking alcohol at least 30 days prior to the reports.

In short, lots of people in Tampa are suffering from substance abuse and thousands are dying from it. Therefore, Tampa rehab centers have their work cut out for them. Sober living homes are another option in the rehab process. But today let's take a look at rehab centers themselves. How good are they and how do we know which centers to pick?

Tampa rehab centers

Choosing the Best Center

When looking for the best Tampa rehab centers, we have to have a few key details in mind. Not all rehab centers are the same. So it is best to know what to look for.


Sadly, some facilities are just a front for illegal activities. With that in mind, the best way to know if our rehab center of choice is legitimate is to look for certification. Luckily, we have online databases of SAMHSA-certified centers across the United States. All we have to do is a bit of cross-referencing. If our center of choice is on that list, we’re good to go.


Most legitimate rehab centers have transparent programs and features. However, it’s important to know that not every environment or treatment type will work for every patient. So, we need to pick a center that fits us best personally. That way, we can recover at a fast rate with little to no additional stress.

Track Record

It’s important to know how successful a rehab center is. That’s why we should always ask for information on their past work. To put it simply, we need to know how many people they had treated successfully, how good their methods are, and how they improved throughout the years.


The location of our rehab center might not be as important as the rest of the items on this list. However, it could benefit us greatly if the rehab center is close to our home. That’s especially true if we choose outpatient treatment. Less travel means less stress for a recovering addict. However, in some cases, patients want to to go to a facility that is out of their town. The reason this is done is to get away from bad influencers.

A Short List of Tampa Rehab Centers

Of course, this list is by no means extensive. We will provide only a sample of what registered, legitimate rehab centers in Tampa offer. Naturally, these are all highly professional centers with years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Health Care Connection of Tampa

HCCofTampa is located at 825 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa. They offer a wide range of therapies, such as:

Group sessions
12-step programs
1-to-1 counseling

This center offers age-specific and gender-specific health care programs, as well as programs dedicated to specific professions. Moreover, it employs medical professionals who specialize in drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation of former addicts.

The Health Care Connection also organizes charity events, such as the annual Serenity Scramble golf tournament. So if you’re interested in their services, you can reach them on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

DACCO Behavioral Health

DACCO has been active for decades. During that time, they helped hundreds of former drug and alcohol addicts and people with HIV/AIDS. In 2008 they opened their Center for Behavioral Health where patients can stay and heal for as long as it takes.

Experts at DACCO offer multiple types of treatment. These include:

Community housing
Inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
Outpatient treatment
Residential treatment
HIV/AIDS and Youth Services

Interested in DACCO? If so, their head office is open every day from 8 AM to 5 PM. Pay them a visit at 4422 E Columbus Dr., Tampa.

Rogers Behavioral Health

Rogers Behavioral Health has multiple locations throughout the continental United States. They have been treating different types of disorders for years. These are just some of the treatments they offer:

OCD and anxiety treatments
Eating disorder programs
Depression and mood disorder treatments
PTSD recovery programs
Addiction rehabilitation

Remember rehab is only the first step to living a clean lifestyle free from drug and alcohol abuse. Once you have completed your rehab, more work must be done. It is often what you do after rehab that determines if you remain sober.

Rose Manor Womens Residential Program

Primary Focus: Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Treatment Approaches: Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

Substance Abuse Counseling Approach

Smoking Permitted in Designated Area

Service Setting: Residential (Short & Long Term)

Facility Operation: Private Organization

Where Can I Find More Tampa Rehab Centers?

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