According to a World Drug Report in 2019, about 35 million people across the globe suffer from drug abuse, but only one in seven gets proper treatment. That's 85% that do not get the treatment they need. This is an alarming number of people which shows that prevention and treatment is falling short.


Other than drug abuse, alcohol and tobacco overdose is also a major source of worry in today’s world, where adults above the age of 12 years are suffering from some sort of substance abuse disorder. But how effective is rehab? Today we examine the role of choosing the right recovery center plays in the success of a drug rehab program.


It is therefore, pertinent to find the right care and at the right time in order to safeguard the person’s future. Caretakers are often overwhelmed by the emotions of taking care of their loved ones and may feel a state of panic and could be confused about the options of treatment. So here is a guide that will help you answer the question of how do I choose the right recovery center near me. 


recovery center near me


1. A Treatment Program That Fits You


Every individual needs a unique program as per the severity of their problem and hence, you need to look out for a place that offers customized programs and not a one-size-for-all type of a treatment. Many of the rehab centers do have an individualized approach, but make sure you find this out in advance.


2. Is a Recovery Center Near Me the Best Option?


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health the United States suffers a huge cost of drug abuse and addiction with over $740 billion lost every year in healthcare expenses, productivity at place of employment, and crime-related costs. These costs can be curbed if timely and proper treatment is offered. Location plays a crucial role in offering good care for patients. The idea is to choose a facility that is away from the regular environment and offers peace and tranquility. It is equally important to have a therapeutic surrounding for recovery as it is to have proper medical care. Also, having a place away from people and situations that can trigger a relapse should be avoided.


3. Rehab Centers For the Underprivileged


Rehab is an expensive procedure and often individuals without proper means find themselves entangled in the web of drug and alcohol abuse. They do not have a way out of it as treatment is very expensive. However, in the USA there are many great rehab centers such as the Austin Recovery Centers and Houston Recovery Centers that provide full-fledged treatment to even the underprivileged. These centers offer compassionate care to those who cannot afford proper treatment through early intervention and community care as they believe that finances should not come in the way of addiction treatment. However, if you have insurance that pays for rehab, you will have more good options.


4. Co-ed vs. Single Gender Rehab


Drugs and alcohol can numb the feelings of desire and intimacy but when patients go through detox there are a lot of emotions and urges that erupt. Their hormones are raging. These feelings can interrupt with their treatment and cause havoc. Hence, it is better to find single-gender recovery centers, especially when finding one for young adults.


5. Length of Treatment


Every individual needs a specialized treatment depending on his addiction, the duration of the addiction, and his own physical health. There are rehab centers that offer the same duration treatment for all patients. This may not work for someone with a severe addiction issue, so it is always best to look out for places that have a flexible program in terms of treatment as well as duration.


6. Quality of Staff


While working out the different treatment options and the place for the treatment, it is pertinent to first do a little homework on the facility. Check out the staff handling the patients. The most essential quality to look out for is empathy towards patients. The staff needs to be caring and dedicated. They should have the patience to listen intently and provide individualized care. Every patient has a different temperament and it is vital to understand him and accordingly offer the treatment and care. Knowing that the staff treats your loved one as a person and not just another number can be the differentiating factor while choosing a rehab center.


7. Facilities for Dual Treatments if Necessary


Usually, people involved in drug or alcohol abuse have a co-occuring mental health issue too like anxiety, depression, bi polar disorder, and others. They needed to be treated for both these issues because if the underlying problem is not removed from the root, it could lead to a relapse. So if you feel your loved one is going through any other mental issue or disorder along with the addiction, then look out for recovery centers that specialize in treating these conditions also.


8. Accreditation


When browsing for facilities, you need to look out for rehab centers that have been approved by Joint Commission Behavioral Health accreditation. It is the highest accreditation level for addiction and mental health organizations. This accreditation is like a rating from the Better Business Bureau. It certifies that an outside expert panel has reviewed the facility and validated its treatment and care.


9. Specialized Addition Treatment


There are some facilities that offer specific addiction treatments. For instance, some are specialists in alcohol addiction while others are experts at drug addiction and some others only focus on behavioral health disorders like eating issues, sex addiction, and more. So if you are certain that your loved one is suffering from only a particular disorder or addiction, it is best to look out for facilities that specifically treat the said issue. It will offer more focused and intentional treatment. The doctors, caretakers, and service staff will also be fully trained and equipped to handle these patients better.


10. Luxury Doesn't Always Mean the Best Care


Some rehab centers provide the best of facilities in terms of logistics. They have posh facilities like private swimming pools, sauna, gourmet food, and more. They are located in upscale neighborhoods, and at times in exquisite locales. However remember opulent does not always mean quality. What you need to look out for is the medical care, courteous and empathetic staff and good sanitation. Don’t just judge the book by its cover. You should ook deeper and find out if the facility really offers what is promoted. For more on what drug rehab actually costs, please read our recent article here at Rehab Info.




The first step towards recovery is to find the right recovery center where trust-building between the patient and the staff is of utmost importance. Keep this as a checklist while hunting for a rehab center and you are sure to offer your loved ones success in sobriety.