One of the primary concerns for those who are looking for a rehab clinic for themselves or any of their family members is the treatment cost. After all, quality rehab clinics have higher treatment costs. For this reason, it is important to know if the health insurance you have covers any drug rehabilitation treatment. Knowing some or all of your expenses will be covered by insurance can make the decision to enter rehab a little easier.

Does my health insurance cover drug rehab?

Yes, there are health insurance policies that cover the costs of drug and alcohol treatment. However, you need to examine your policy to know for sure. For you to get proper rehab service from insurance coverage, it is necessary to fulfil three basic requirements:

  • Have a medical request for hospitalization that contains the International Classification of Diseases of the disorder (in this case, chemical or alcohol dependence).
  • The disease needs to be covered by the contract of health plan, even if it goes beyond those mentioned in the WHO list of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.
  • Having the correct type of health plan coverage

All of the above requirements are necessary for the coverage of treatment provided by the health plan. To facilitate your criteria, you must choose the health insurance plan that has maximum coverage for rehabilitation centers. Or, you can choose rehabs that take Cigna, United Healthcare, or The Empire Plan insurance. Cigna is a world famous health insurance service provider. Cigna has seventy four thousand employees serving more than hundred million customers worldwide.

Is there any limit to the length of stay in the recovery clinic?

No, because limitation of the patient's stay in the hospital is considered abusive. Each one needs a specific time that depends on the severity of the treatment performed by the rehab centre. Thus, it is up to the responsible doctor to decide the rehabilitation period. And the health plan is obliged to cover the expenses. If your health plan does not cover any rehabilitation center in its accredited network, it is better to look into CIGNA or one of the other major insurance providers.

Health plan in the treatment of drug addiction

The addiction is a progressive and fatal medical disorder. You cannot call it a disease, but behavioral disorder due to excess consumption of toxic chemicals. It is too an incurable (for most of the time) and fatal situation. Drug addiction not only affects the individual addict, but the entire family.

Abusive and constant use of certain drugs may lead a person to complete addiction. The carrier of this type of addicted behavior ends up being unable to contain the addiction alone in most situations. Thus, affecting whole life, physical, emotional, psychic and social life as well.

There is also the possibility that if your health plan does not cover any drug rehabilitation center, the state has certain centers that they will help pay for. For more on private versus public rehab centers, you can read one of our recent articles on how it works.