Valium detox
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Do you struggle with Valium addiction? Valium can be helpful for panic attacks, muscle spasms, and even for those who are about to go into surgery. However, unlike some other medications, Valium was designed as a short-term solution to fast-acting problems. Generally, people shouldn’t take Valium for more than a few months. Otherwise, one can become dependent on the medicine and develop an addiction. If you've developed an addiction, you'll probably need Valium detox.

The Problem With Valium

Valium belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines, or “benzos” for short. These drugs help people relax by calming their nerve responses. Some benzos act slowly, and some act quickly. Valium acts quickly, which makes it dangerous in two different ways. First, the brain will eventually make a connection between Valium and quick relief, which can result in cravings. Second, if you’re used to taking Valium and suddenly stop, the withdrawal process will start quickly.

Withdrawal Symptoms

“Withdrawal” refers to all of the uncomfortable, painful, and even dangerous symptoms that happen when a person stops taking drugs. How bad is withdrawal? It depends on the person and the drug. With Valium, withdrawal can get difficult. It often includes rebound symptoms. For example, if you started taking Valium as a muscle relaxer, you may experience serious muscle tension when you stop taking it. Other withdrawal symptoms include shakiness, irritability, nausea, and more.

Valium Detox 

With some drugs, you can quit “cold turkey” without much danger. Valium is not one of those drugs. Some withdrawal symptoms during Valium detox can become life-threatening if not treated properly. Thankfully, you do have detox options. If you have a severe dependence, you might detox in a hospital, rehab center, or detox facility. For a less severe dependence, your regular doctor might monitor your detox progress. He or she can prescribe smaller and smaller doses of Valium until you don’t need it anymore. The gradual process puts less stress on the body than quitting right away.

In any case, it’s important to detox with medical supervision. This way, your doctors can monitor your symptoms and provide relief without making the addiction worse. Without medical help, you will have to deal with risky symptoms by yourself, and you may develop a new addiction.

Rehab Info Can Help

Do you need help starting your Valium detox? Are you unsure about your resources? Let Rehab Info help. We’ll show you some of your options and help you make the right choice. Ready to start living a healthier life? Call 800-492-QUIT today.