Sober living homes are often called SLH's for short. The short answer is that these homes are places people can go as a temporary stop on their road to sobriety. Addicts recovering from drug or alcohol addiction live together in a monitored environment. There is no alcohol or drugs allowed and there are some strict rules in place too.

How To Find a Sober Living Home That is Right For You

How Do Sober Living Homes Work?

Most sober homes have less than than 10 residents at a time. Residents do not receive care on the property. Instead, they go to therapy or their outpatient programs elsewhere. They will also work at their jobs or attend school during this time.

what are sober living homes

Residents often settle into a normal routine, which will include ongoing care for addictions. A leader or coordinator usually lives in the home too. This manager is typically someone who has recovered himself from addiction and has maintained his sobriety. This person is responsible for maintaining the safety and rules of the facility. These coordinators are normally a paid employee of the company in charge of the facility.

Sober living houses are often structured around the 12-step program methodology. Participants are usually required to submit to drug tests as well as show they are making efforts toward recovery. The majority of SLHs have either only females or only male residents. There are also Sober Colleges that accept only young adults.

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Intensive Outpatient Services

Some sober homes offer intensive outpatient services. This would include medical care available on site. These types of homes are usually staffed by licensed clinical workers and psychiatric nurses. These professionals support residents with around the clock supervision and recovery treatment.

Do Sober Living Homes Need to Be Licensed?

Sober living homes can be licensed or supervised by Sober Living Coalitions (SLCs), but they are not required to be. However, since there is no formal supervision of those facilities that are not affiliated SLCs, it is very difficult to know an exact number of sober homes that are in existence.

Are Sober Living Homes Covered by Insurance?

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance carriers to provide insurance for mental health, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse disorders. Sober living homes are considered safe environments that help residents recover from their addictions. But they are not considered treatment centers. Therefore, SLHs are not usually covered by insurance.


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